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own Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and President Muhammadu Buhari
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The Orphan Which Our Bishop Matthew Kukah Has Now Become

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“The Bishop’s response to some unseen drumbeats: before the cock crows.”

By Obi Ojage

By popular demand and within the ambits of certain circumstances, I am forced to repost some of those articles I wrote against some prominent individuals in the society against whom I joined issues with in my display of partisanship and outright loyalty to my party and my attitude towards them.

I am referring especially to those who came out to castigate the party or outrightly abused the President and leader of our great party, (APC), His Excellency General Muhammadu Buhari, at one time or the other. Starting with our own Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah. And my response to each of them.

I promised to release what I wrote concerning each of these characters in series for those who were not opportune to read or have a glimpse at the different articles at the time they were posted on the internet to do so now.

It may be expedient for me to recast here for clarification purposes, what I posted in my wall on Facebook Messengers sometime ago, which generated some concerns and further attracted attacks on me concomitantly. And one of them was from one Chief Julius Mbina, a Presbyterian man by faith and a known politician in my state. It reads as follows:

“Our own Rev. Father Kukah, shouldn’t talk as if he is God! Does he think the Lord doesn’t know what’s going on in Nigeria..? General BUHARI himself once criticized former President Goodluck Jonathan of ineptness, and correctly so because he was once head of state.

That could be excused. But when he came face to face with the challenges, he became alarmed by its complexity. Kukah hadn’t controlled anything larger than a Catholic diocese to have a “fill” of what the president is going through presently. He should stop inciting the public”.

I did not indulge the above “POST” to please or displease Chief Mbina, neither was it meant to gain anybody’s support or be aligned with the choices of what people would accept or that which they don’t as was affirmed by series of accusations against my modest contributions in exposing falsehood and treachery in our society.

I am working towards my incarnation as I have always said. And I will do so with all my might, time and devotion through the spirit of inspiration as a Christ Devotee.

Being fully accelerated and imbued with public knowledge and in a partisan manner as a politician of many years experience majority of which unfortunately, I was partially entrapped by belligerent forces averse to light, which eventually derailed my initial dreams of becoming a colossus of some sort against which I later found myself being engaged in series of thankless jobs as a King Maker in my home state of Cross River; to gross material human beings whom I thought were real friends enthroned as politicians of means who later harboured fever pitch animosities towards me and disappointingly so, with a far less sense of gratitude.

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It is not over, yet until it is over! I am still on the matter. Not until something gives.

As one who has suffered conspiracies and many fierce evil attacks and won by the grace of the Lord my God, I am wondering who exactly on earth is playing similar drumbeats of derailment that has seen our erudite Bishop Matthew Kukah of all people, dancing like a “maga dog who will jump down and bite you: Anytime”. Courtesy of Peter Mackin Tosh of Jamaica.

However, besides all of that, we need peace at this juncture in Nigeria. Without peace, nothing works. Our dear Bishop was supposed to have defined his role and not to allow himself to become an “orphan” or a prodigal enemy in this politically motivated cherry game between two prominent biological brothers who are now in politics namely; APC and PDP. Both of them may not fully and truly understand his furry as a man of God. Because what they see and desire is not the same with what he may have claimed to see or desires to see as a clergy.

Which is why the Bishop, would’ve chosen his friends wisely if he had thought of maintaining his honor and integrity in line with his calling as a Priest and one with his personal quality, finesse and outspokenness. What he is seen doing, going by his recent outbursts is tantamount to one dancing in the hot “sun” hoping the “rains” may come to his rescue. What an irony! Is Nigeria still a bullshit?

Politics they say, is a dirty game. And I seem to concur with that assertion, especially with the type of unbridled animosities going on between the actors of the ruling party, APC and the major opposition group, the PDP. Political fanaticism based on affinity I believe, should end or were supposed to have ended immediately after the close of electioneering period during which time those elected both at the state and national levels would then have constituted a government of broad mindedness, inclusiveness and vision. And thus becomes an institution endorsed by the people who are now supposed to enable it achieve what was promised to them in their manifestos through the implementations of their policy objectives and programmes.

In the course of time however, if failure occurs, those responsible should be voted out accordingly through a peaceful means or method. And not what appears to be going on where the major opposition group is believed to be doing everything criminally possible to scuttle the possibility of the ruling party under the leadership of the President Muhammadu Buhari from serving his mandate of 8 years of two tenures peacefully as enshrined in the country’s constitution.

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The peace needed at this moment cannot come about through other means other than for every segment of our complex society to eschew bitterness and rancour by playing down on our exuberance be it youthful or by those who have refused to grow up because of the bloated nature of their mouth that has taken in so much carrots (goodies) which were meant to feed a greater majority of the hungry folks around the country to the level of near suffocation caused largely by inordinate greed and avarice.

It is completely unnecessary to heat up the system when we know that the overall consequences of such foolery may not come out exactly as we may have envisaged, except of course, we want the country destroyed or be in flames. In this case however, no one has the monopoly of violence no matter how strong except the other party decides to succumb. And such decisions to succumb are strictly theirs to make.

What is the need then, to do so, when the outcome is unpredictable and comes with varying degrees of aggravated consequences on both sides?

Whose records should we hearken to at this crucial moment of our nation’s history? Is it that of a mere “mortal” clothed in apparel however splendid, going about filled with all sorts of biases based on interest inordinately robbed around individual projections and assertiveness.

Or to that of the Lord, God Almighty, the unseen force operating in the void as a Ghost and Holy whose patience and understanding of the issues involved in the country are far beyond every physical deductions ever imagined, or those of an evil and incongruous calculations of mere man, to which the all knowing LORD sees the implications and eruption which a sudden abrogation of its earlier pronouncements may ensue, in spite of the thunderous outcry.

Such force is unmoved because it is the Lord being the source of that which occurs.

Especially being the one who enthroned the current leadership and its sustenance on the throne. And having deployed Angels in advance who would give adequate protections to those who abide in it, decides as the all knowing Lord, to allows the system run its full course from where it would now take a categorically stand on who to use to continue the “new thing” that it has in store for a “new Nigeria” whose structure, men and their emergence only the Lord alone from which all that did occur, knows as the omnipotent LORD of Host.

We can’t be seen as a nation that preaches the “Lord God Almighty”, its goodness and mercy and turn around in total defiance of that order to act “Man”.

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It is neither possible nor acceptable. No matter how much the “wailers” may grumble and foment trouble, the LORD will always have its way over time, however disenchanting the hollow bully may be.

Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah, a highly intelligent Bishop of one of the Catholic Dioceses in the North, Sokoto to be precise, with an unmatched power of oratory; has turned himself unfortunately, from a highly respected “Priest” which he was to a disrespected “political jobber” as someone in the media once described him, who dabbles often into issues unmindful of their negative impact on the people’s psyche, done recently, and on a purely sentimental grounds, using high sounding words in a seductive poetry format to attract unnecessary attention to himself unendurably under the cover of being a Catholic Priest.

These are all being exuded with the covert intention to incite the masses against a democratically elected government surprisingly, without offering enough details into the solutions proper nor had he an inside knowledge of the complexity that obtains other than his highly misinformed assessment over already known issues surrounding some noticeable imbalances in the distribution of Federal government appointments so put provocatively and in a brawly manner through the lenses of his own biased judgements which revolve around religion and ethnicity without deeply appreciating or assessing the justification, constraints or otherwise precipitating the actions thereto.

There is no need whipping an already dead horse. For a sensible man who the Bishop is; or was expected to be, wouldn’t he have allowed the sleeping dog to lie yet until the storms are over where discussions are supposed to take place in an atmosphere of serenity and conviviality? This rhetorical question suffices a lot more than most people may think.

This resentment became necessary perhaps because he is no longer being adequately accommodated or recognized favourably by the present government of Gen. Buhari as it has always been with him during President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s era or Chief Olusegun Obasanjo’s regime against whom he had always found no reason to applaud its efforts at tackling National issues right from its inception.

He has always been seen in a compromising position with candidates opposed to the current administration. Of course, that is not what a clergy of his calibre should do.

Please, I urge you to stay with me as I bring to you the concluding part of this essay on our own Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah this time next week, the Lord willing. Thanks a great deal.

All these are to enable you figure out how unrelenting I had been in open defense of this government under General Mohammadu Buhari as President; even against a Bishop of my own Catholic faith.

End Time Message!


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