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BREAKING! Doyin Okupe Bags 2 Years Imprisonment, Arrested by DSS on Request from EFCC
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The OBI-DATTI Campaign, Doyin Okupe And The High Moral Ground Of Project Take Back Nigeria

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By Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr

Of the four leading Presidential Candidates seeking the High Office of President come 2023 only one has great bragging rights to integrity, only one can boast of unimpeachable credibility, and clearly Peter Gregory Obi is the proverbial Caesar’s Wife who must be above board, and indeed Peter Obi is above board. Need I say that this position is without an ounce of equivocation.

Like Archaeologists the Leviathan the APC, and the Behemoth the PDP have been more engaged in searching for darts against Peter Obi and The Campaign than they would articulate policies that must take Nigeria out of the nadir, if they could. Unfortunately they can’t, so their campaign is all about Peter Obi. Albeit, were one to compare Peter Obi with Atiku Abubakar, with Bola Ahmed Tinubu or with Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso, Peter Obi will most definitely pass for a Saint, little wonder Nigerians are united with the OBI-DATTI Campaign in the quest to take back the Country for good.

It is no longer news that Peter Obi is about the only former Governor that does not receive any emolument or pension from the State he governed, that underscores his commitment to service and the common good rather than lucre and crass egocentricity. Mr Peter Obi for President of Nigeria in 2023

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It is no longer news that Peter Gregory Obi left Anambra State richer than he met it. It is on record that he saved more than 75billion for the State whilst his contemporaries left the States they governed in benumbing debts. It is on record that at the expiration of his tenure as Governor, no Contractor who had completed his/her contract was owed a Kobo, no Pensioner was owed his/her dues and no worker was owed a dime. Peter Obi remains a halcyon testament of responsible and responsive leadership. And Peter Gregory Obi is the photographic evidence of the Leader the Nigerian people crave, such is the graphic explanation of the monstrous movement sweeping across the nation, nay the Obidient Movement and the millions of the young and the old whose unalterable resolve is to take back Nigeria for good have found expression in the Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti Presidential Ticket.

From being at the top of the Education chart whilst he was the Governor of Anambra State to topping the Security chart for 5 out of 8years as Governor. From being one of the Best Governors in Health Care, winning the United Nations acclaim as the Best Governor in the Fight Against Polio to being the Best in Fiscal Discipline. From being one of the Best in infrastructural development to about the only Governor that did not leave his State in any kind of debt, Peter Gregory Obi defines pristine values in leadership.

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So when the Party whose Presidential Candidate is a confirmed Drug Baron ran to the streets singing about the conviction of the former DG of the OBI-DATTI Campaign for money laundering, we laughed because they underestimated the MORAL FABRIC and VALUES of our Campaign, perhaps they were in denial about WHO WE ARE, and WHAT WE ARE ABOUT.

Not only has The Labour Party taught them a lesson in credibility, Doyin Okupe has taught them a lesson in morals, and he has scripted them a verse in creative and redemptive sacrifice.

After all, if it were them, they will argue about their right to Appeal, they will lie about forfeiture not being a kind of penalty or penance, they will lie about just anything to stay put. Alas with Peter Obi, the Labour Party and the Obidients Worldwide a New Day Beckons.

The resignation of Dr Doyin Okupe as the DG of the OBI-DATTI Campaign without first insisting on his right to Appeal the judgement is a pointer to the Nigeria we crave. Peter Obi is determined to etch on our national canvass great values in leadership, zero tolerance for corruption, selfless service to the nation and untainted and untarnished values in governance. And such is the minimum necessary for a New and a Better Nigeria.

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As we salute and appreciate the selflessness of our immediate past DG Dr Doyin Okupe who in putting COUNTRYFIRST and in preferring the raging Peaceful Ballot Based People’s Revolution to his right to Appeal the judgement has shown greatness, we must profoundly reassure Nigerians about the commitment of the OBI-DATTI PRESIDENTIAL Ticket to winning the 2023 elections and taking back Nigeria for our collective good.

We are the Movement of the Just, we are the Ticket of genuine hope, we are the custodians of great values, and we are the Grail-bearers of a Prosperous and a Successful Nigeria. We Move, WE WIN.

Prof Chris Mustapha Nwaokobia Jnr. is the Convener of the COUNTRYFIRST MOVEMENT Member Labour Party Presidential Campaign Council and the Director Public Affairs & Strategic Communications OBI-DATTI INDEPENDENT PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN COUNCIL (THE BIG TENT).

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