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Birthday: APC Chieftain, Comrade Obi Ojage Pens Strong Message To Governor Bassey Otu
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Birthday: APC Chieftain, Comrade Obi Ojage Pens Strong Message To Governor Bassey Otu

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A chieftain of the Cross River State chapter of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Comrade Obi Ojage has penned a strong felicitation message to the state Governor, Senator (Prince) Bassey Otu on birthday anniversary.

The former member of the Board of Directors of the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN), in his message titled “I Join The Rest To Wish You The Best For Being The Best In Whom I Did Acclaim To Be The Best Indeed For This Moment And Tine. More Grease To Your Effords”, said, I wish you and your adorable wife Pastor Eyoawan Otu, the Lord’s grace and wisdom with which to drive your agenda as Governor, to offer the people of Cross River State a successful and egalitarian state governed by truth and inclusion.

He equally prayed for the state Governor, saying, “May the Almighty God our unseen Father that operates in the void as Ghost and Holy whom we serve and in whose mercy and grace our circumstances have now taken a new leap for most, and a somersault for the better thereto over the aspirations we sort as a political party through the ballots and from which we obtained the envisioned triumphanness with you at the head of affairs by its grace, remain a secret trust in our avowed commitment to those we hold dear in secret and in the open, for all their sacrifices singularly and collectively to make these dream come true.”

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Comrade Obi Ojage, a communicator and media guru, added, “We also give kudos in this case to the citizens and denizens alike who helped in no small measure to bring the vision to fruition.

“We pray the Lord’s grace abounds and keeps us safe especially “His Excellency” from all harm be it from those heartless and envious men and women including charlatans and chameleons alike whom I often describe in my essays as the human devils propelled by greed and covetousness in one hand, or the devil itself being an imaginary influence which is negative energy in existence that emits a generously disposable force meant to deceive the vulnerable as well as the indolent amongst us.

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“These merchandisers are indeed the enemies of our society. We look no further elsewhere as they’re the vampire we must collectively seek to dislodge. Otherwise, we’ll continue to move in circles both as a nation and state with no end in sight.

“It is for such a reason that some of us known to overindulge in “truth as a force” decide to risk our comfort and prospects in the various schemes by our abhorrence and the admonishing of our fellow Cross-Riverians to be circumspect and be able to toe the line of truthfulness devoid of vendetta of any kind to dislodge the devil’s effort be it human or spirit asunder.

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“We believe that only through such act and in the cause of doing so that our effort to interpret the Lord’s purpose vested in us who profess and embrace Christ and its consciousness to achieve an egalitarian society and that which advocates truth for a headship that exudes empathy and upholds integrity as a hallmark which I believe you hold dear can be birthed, and you stand a chance, your Excellency, as the one now at the head of affairs like a tryster to make things happen if you continue as it has been your avowed commitment before now, to allow the Lord your God within to take charge, and not the man in you”, he wrote.

He explained that “With this, Your Excellency, you’ll stand to gain a lot more with the Lord being on your side. I speak as an Oracle, Amen! Congratulations Sir.
GOD WITH US….”, the message concluded.

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