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Enugu State Governor, Dr. Peter Mbah
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CNPP Enugu Knocks APC, LP Over Campaign of Calumny Against Gov Mbah, Calls for Constructive Dialogue

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The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), Enugu State Chapter, has responded to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Enugu State’s critique of Governor Peter Mbah’s administration.

The umbrella body of all registered political parties and political associations in the state also called out Labour Party in the state

In a statement signed by the state chairman, Dr. Afam Ani, the CNPP emphasized the importance of constructive criticism, factual accuracy, and a balanced perspective in governance as against the current attempt to demonise the Mbah government at any cost for mere political convenience.

The CNPP acknowledged the challenges in actualising large-scale developmental projects, which is being attempt for the first time since the history of the state, urged the public to consider the long-term benefits of urban renewal initiatives, despite the immediate loss of property due to necessary demolitions.

“We are advocates for transparency and accountability and also campaigners for a fair approach to taxation, but the approach adopted by both the APC and Labour Party appears divisive and destructive”, the CNPP said.

Speaking on legitimacy and governance, the CNPP noted that “every respecter of the rule of law abides by the decisions of electoral and judicial authorities.

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“The Labour Party’s allegations of certificate forgery and electoral malfeasance, the courts have spoken, and they have spoken in favour of Governor Mbah. The legal battles fought and won serve as a testament to the governor’s integrity and the electorate’s wisdom.

“Therefore, governance should not be hindered by unproven claims of illegitimacy. We encourage all political stakeholders to collaborate for the betterment of Enugu State.

“While we back comprehensive assessment of the economic impact of redevelopment projects and fair compensation for those affected, every individual who is thinking about the future will support principles of Transit-Oriented Development (T.O.D.) to enhance connectivity and reduce congestion. We therefore urge patience as such strategies are implemented for a better Enugu State.”

Stressing the importance of preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the welfare of vulnerable populations, the CNPP advocated for inclusive development plans that consider the social fabric of communities, which is the focus of Governor Mbah administration.

“The CNPP believes in the power of dialogue and cooperation among stakeholders. We’re calling for constructive discussions to find mutually beneficial solutions to urban redevelopment challenges in Enugu State.

The CNPP Enugu State Chapter remains committed to the progress of Enugu State and will continue to engage with all parties to ensure the interests of the people are served. We urge citizens to remain engaged and informed about state affairs and reject the lies and demonisation of the government of the day by the APC and Labour Party leaders who do not represent their respective political parties let alone the good people of Enugu State.

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“Today, after just one year in office, the landscape of Enugu State has been irrevocably transformed. The Labour Party’s criticisms, akin to a tempest in a teapot, have been quelled by a deluge of accomplishments that speak louder than any detractor’s voice.

“The governor’s pledge to quench the thirst of Enugu’s residents was not mere political rhetoric. Within 180 days, the 9th Mile 24/7 Water Scheme was commissioned, a modern-day marvel capable of producing 70 million litres of water per day.

“While critics may point to reticulation challenges, they conveniently overlook the herculean effort to resurrect a water supply that had been parched for two decades in just 180 days.

“The Governor Mbah administration’s commitment to infrastructure is as solid as the 71 roads it has embarked upon rehabilitating and reconstructing. Detractors may scoff at the ambitious timeline, but Rome, nor Enugu, was built in a day. The promise of connectivity and economic growth is a journey, not a sprint, and Governor Mbah is satisfactorily setting a marathon pace in the last one year.

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“In the realm of education, the Smart Schools initiative is not just a project but a vision. While the completion of the pilot in Owo is a testament to the governor’s dedication to his roots, it is also a blueprint for the educational renaissance slated to sweep across 260 wards.

“The revival of the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium is not just about sports; it’s a symbol of hope. The Enugu Rangers, once nomads, have found their way home and are now leading the charge in the Nigerian Premier Football League. This is not just a victory on the pitch; it’s a triumph of the spirit.

“For the unbiased, Governor Peter Mbah’s administration, much like the mythical Phoenix, has risen from the ashes of unfounded criticisms to soar high on the wings of tangible achievements. As the adage goes, “actions speak louder than words,” and in Enugu State, those actions are paving the way to a brighter tomorrow”, the CNPP stated.

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