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2024 World Refugee Day: ARRA Urges Solidarity, Unity in Championing the Cause of Refugees Worldwide

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On the heels of this year’s World Refugee Day, the Asylum and Refugee Rights Advocates (ARRA) has declared that it stands in solidarity with the more than 32 million refugees worldwide, calling for unity in championing their cause.

The nongovernmental organisation (NGO) noted that “each of these individuals carries a unique story of resilience, courage, and survival”, and “as advocates, we recognize that our collective efforts can make a significant impact in their lives.”

This was contained in a statement issued in Abuja at the weekend by its Executive Director, Dr Okey Ezugwu Esq.

In its urgent call for Solidarity with Refugees in line with the theme of the 2024 World Refugee Day, ARRA drew the attention of the International Community to the plight of Asylum seekers and refugees across the globe.

According Dr Ezugwu, Lawyer and retired Assistant Comptroller General of Immigration Service in Nigeria, Refugees face unimaginable challenges across different regions of the world.

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In its samplers, ARRA observed that the “ongoing conflict in Syria has led to the displacement of 6.7 million people, making it one of the largest refugee crises globally. Families torn apart, homes destroyed, and dreams shattered—these are the harsh realities faced by Syrian refugees.”

In Afghanistan, the NGO noted that “With 2.7 million Afghan refugees, this country grapples with instability, violence, and insecurity. Their journey to safety often involves perilous escapes and uncertain futures.”

While calling the plights of refugees in South Sudan, ARRA said that amid “escaping civil war and famine, 2.3 million South Sudanese refugees seek refuge in neighboring countries. Their struggle for survival continues as they navigate overcrowded camps and limited resources.”

In the Central African Republic, the Nigeria based international NGO stated that “conflict and violence have forced many Central Africans to flee their homes. The crisis persists, affecting millions of lives.”

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While in Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), ARRA said that “the DRC remains a hotspot for displacement due to armed conflicts and political instability. Over 130 million people globally are currently displaced, with 32 million being refugees.”

Also in the ARRA’s samplers on the global refugee crisis is Cameroun.

“An armed insurrection by the Amazonia separatist group has created Refugee crisis of monumental proportion.

“At the last count more than 60, 000 refugees are massed up in many towns and villages along the Cameroun – Nigeria border in Cross River State. Regrettably only few of them are rein in in Camps. The rest have found shellter in primary schools and any available spaces.”

In view of the the plights of refugees worldwide, the NGO called for qualitative action by Countries Hosting these Refugees.

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“Accordingly we urge for Solidarity more than empathy which requires concrete action. In that order, we urge governments and the United Nations (UN) to as a matter of urgency;

“1. Invest in Solutions: Allocate resources to address the root causes of displacement. Ending conflicts and promoting stability are crucial steps.

“2. Welcoming Policies: Countries like Turkey (hosting 3.7 million refugees), Pakistan, Uganda, Sudan, and Germany have opened their doors to refugees. Let us celebrate their strengths and achievements while advocating for more inclusive policies.

“3. Community Support: Refugees thrive when welcomed by local communities. Let us ensure they have opportunities to rebuild their lives and contribute positively.

“4. Global Unity: Together, we can create a world where refugees are not just tolerated but embraced. Let us stand #WithRefugees and make a difference”, ARRA solicited.

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Comrade James Ezema is a veteran journalist and media consultant. He is a political strategist. He can be reached on +2348035823617 via call or WhatsApp.

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