Buhari’s Broadcast: A Pronunciation Master Class

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By Bolaji Akinyemi

What A rhetorical broadcast, with nothing to say and no new information to disseminate. General Buhari’s broadcast was hollow. He said nothing.

He did not tell us what specifically he has done between his last broadcast of Sunday 29th March and his latest of Sunday 13th April 2020.

What a wastes of days! The broadcast (Buhari’s Broadcast) shows that our President is doing nothing and has no plan, or template of what to do to ease our lives during this #CoronaVirus lockdown.

I thought this lockdown has been boring, until my expectations were dashed in the most boring 20 minutes since COVID19 lockdown.

This unmillitant military General, boasted of his shames. In a country of over 200 million citizens, he prides himself in the training of only 7,000 health workers. What a shame!

Alimoso local government chairman shouldn’t come out to brag about things our President bragged about.

General Buhari says we are on the right track to defeat #COVID19, I guess his handlers needed to show us their pupil can now pronounce his lesson word after 14 days of extra moral.

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On which track has the President placed us for the defeat of the monsterous virus? When we don’t know who has it.

We don’t know who has died due to #CoronaVirus. We should be on aggresive testing.

I once offered a template of motivation for those who have had contacts to step out for testing, but our leaders are not thinking neither do they appreciate those who are.

Our genie General Buhari wishes that his government has traced 92% of identified contacts of #CoronaVirus patients.

Have they traced and identified the contacts of all those who attended AMMA Awards?

My wife is a major player in the Nollywood industry and I can tell you for sure without leaving the “oza” room that AMMA contacts are running wild among us.

‪There are breakdown of law and order in parts of Lagos and Ogun. People can’t sleep at homes. There are now vigilantes in their communities.

Not one word was heard from the General concerning our state of insecurity. What a Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces!

It is obvious now we have only God to look up to for the viruses that are affecting our nation. While the world is contending with COVID19, we have a primary virus, of indolence and maladministration in General Buhari.

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Who is doing nothing and doesn’t know. His conditional cash transfer palliatives is a further confirmation of his bigotry and nepotism.

You lock down Lagos and Ogun States, South West Nigeria, but was sharing money in Nasarawa, Kastina and Kano all in the North, where over 80% benefited from the largesse.

Boris Johnson, stepped out of the hospital and gave a broadcast to the UK, the broadcast of a just discharged Covid 19 patient had bites and direction than what General Buhari gave.

Well, we do understand. It is not his style!

After five years of working the woods, we are yet to pinpoint what our President’s style is or what he’s styled in.

Boris responded to questions. Buhari stood and read a speech composed for him, by those who alone understood his style.

‪General Buhari said his government has been sharing food. Where? To who? When? Are the foods for the living shared out to the dead.

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We may need to find out if General Buhari made provisions for Late Professor Ambrose Ali, Chief Anthony Enahoro and others upon their release from General Muhammadu Buhari’s imaginary prison.

The broadcast (Buhari’s broadcast) was not concluded until General Buhari thanked the legislative arm, for doing nothing. Or are they “born again”?

With ₦37 billion budget to renovate the National Assembly, the President should have charged them to have a rethink and allow that fund to be used to renovate our dilapidated hospitals and stomach infrastructure of Nigerians as a result of hunger associated with the lockdown.

For me, the broadcast (Buhari’s broadcast) was done because General Buhari can now pronounce COVID-19.

Dr. Bolaji O. Akinyemi writes from Lagos

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