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2023: Alakija, Ohuabunwa, Sowore; Who Do You See Coming?

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By Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi

Those who are taking advantage of our President as a result of his old age are flirting with the National Assembly for the possibility of a 3rd term agenda for a man who can’t tell the difference between who among his Driver, PA and SGF, should present contract papers for signing, are blurred of vision and cannot see what should be seen coming for a greater Nigeria.

Those who are smiling to the bank should care less about who is serving the President’s table for over six months that the first lady was away, the ‘crook’ at the villa kitchen attending to the meal table, serving ‘tuwo masara’ when the President’s preference is for ‘tuwo sinkafa’, helping themselves with the meat at the soup pot, can’t see for President nor for the nation.

They are taken over by aggrandizement, nothing really matter to them except self.

Their obsession, at least has achieved something; the President can have same feel with 200 million citizens,  who since they voted for him are no longer eating what they want but whatever the economy allowed served from their pots. As for the other room, whoever is presented to the President should gladly sign in.

Beyond the jokes of a 3rd term attempting to make fools of us is the reality of the contest for 2023 and who our Tenant at the Villa will be.

Trust the North, they were at their best elements in the game called politics, a smart choice of a great voice was made to announce the position of the Northern APC political elites to their Southern counterparts. Zulum is the newly found portrait of integrity and hardwork to a Southern mind from the North, so he gave hope to the possibility of Presidency shifting to the South.

The cerebral Governor of Borno state said this while speaking at the public presentation of a book written by Dakuku Peterside, though, he said, it isn’t a constitutional arrangement, but it should be a welcome development at addressing our present challenges.

Zulum, who mentioned South East and South South, had his attention called to his ommision of South West, by a voice which could be heard from the audience, he insisted he mentioned South West, though he didn’t.

This error for me is an honour served the minds of South westerners who are already jostling for the jobs. Zulum undoubtedly pointed the nation to see a President coming from the East, South and West of South.

The big Masquerade from Lagos is not leaving anything to chance, he is choosing and perfecting his acrobatics political dancing steps, though a misstep in Kaduna would have painfully ended the show, all praise to God who saved the ‘elephant’ from a fall. The struggle of course still continues.

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The echoes of Atiku’s coming; is yet to be heard, but the strategic move of this giant in the game is very visible, it is left to the Nigeria voters, particularly the youth who they see coming.

The voting strength of the youths between the ages of 18 to 35 years PDP has already seen coming, for which they are trading free nomination form to harvest. It is however very key what our youths are seeing coming!

Politicians may ignore the raging under current force of Nigeria’s political space triggered by the #EndSARS protest, this of course will be to their peril.

From the points of the protesters, it is clear that Nigerian youths are fed up with the political class and will probably opt for a new way forward by embracing a greenhorn.

The only one with a chance among the first timer in 2019 is Omoyele Sowore who has remained committed to the youths and the struggle for a better Nigeria unlike his seasonal counterparts whose faces will grace posters and lines the streets from 2022 begging for votes.

In our quest for better days, lessons must be learnt from the departed Tanzanian President, John Magufuli who has become a symbol of true leadership, which saw him make happen for Tanzanian what the West thought impossible through African leadership.

In his very intriguing speech, Lazarus Chakwera, the President of People’s Republic of Malawi re-echoed repeatedly; ‘they didn’t Magufuli coming’.

Much has nobody saw Magufuli coming; this ability to let no one see his next move coming, which finally settled in his death is what Nigerian must find inspiring to keep our move away from politicians and political parties till when it is impossible for them to thwart them.

Chakwera celebration of Magufuli in death is the failed hyperbole Nigeria had in Buhari contrary to our today’s reality.

Chakwera said; ‘when they say laziness and slot in public service can’t be cured by Government; they didn’t see Magufuli coming’. We saw APC and Buhari coming in this light, but against the light we saw, an invisible evil finger off the switch at the toll gate of change, today our nation grope in darkness.

‘When they say cartel of corruption strangling African Governments can not be defeated; they didn’t see Magufuli coming. What Nigerians saw APC and Buhari coming to end they have institutionalised through nepotism and bigotry.

‘When they say infrastructural projects in Africa can’t be completed on time and on budget; they didn’t see Magufuli coming. Lagos Ibadan Express Road project was a never ending project under PDP for which Nigerians desired change. Unfortunately APC and Buhari are proofs of lost hope.

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‘When they say the only way to pursue our development is to follow failed prescriptions of foreign financial institutions that has left Africa more impoverished and in debt than they found her; they didn’t see Magufuli coming. Our debt as at June 2015 when APC and Buhari took the saddle was $63, 806 billion, today our debt is $84.57 billion as at September 2020.

Finally Chakwera said; ‘when they say African States can’t become middle income economy within a single presidential term; they didn’t see Magufuli coming. Our hope was brightened in 2015 when Buhari promised to spend a single term.

Ironically Magufuli and Buhari were both elected in 2015 to preside over the affairs of their country’s. While Magufuli’s milestones are seen and celebrated within a single term, APC is asking for 30 years in Government to be able to move in inches.

Nigerian youths must see beyond political parties, parents must see with them our hidden ‘Magufulis’, “ONE MAN” whom the cloak of political greed in our political parties and politicians we want covered from our sight. We must see the ground breaking efforts of persons who in their personal strides without access to Government pulse has lifted themselves out of poverty permanently.

We must see a Folorunsho Alakija who from fashion entrepreneurship built her brand and ventured successfully into oil, she is South West card of worth and note that may pull the suprise element against political predictions.

The consideration for Alakija is strengthened by calls from Nigerians for Christian President after Muhammadu Buhari. This naturally should have thrown a golden opportunity at the Vice President, but he is unfortunately seen as representing his denominations than all Christian, poorly though.

A lesser denominational conscious Christian portrait of a personality will be easier to sell among all Christians and Nigerians alike. Osinbajo’s Vice Presidency to Buhari is more of a disadvantage than advantage. Though you can’t rule out a surprise if the needful is done.

In the category of fine Christian personality to watch out for is Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa whose profile of leadership only few living Nigerians can come close to. A man of great reputation, respected like none other in the South East. He is a corporate guru, though, an Anglican Knight of St Christopher. He is less denominational in his commitment to the faith, he is seen and respected as an ambassador of faith among the Catholics and the Pentecostals.

Even among the Muslims with whom he has shared membership of different Boards he has proven to be a dependable character. Of him, Sani Dangote said he met this great Entrepreneur on the Vision 2010 and 2020 project, a modest, straight forward personality, having capacity not just to lead but to show good examples of what leadership should be.

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Mazi, he said, is celebrated for what he has done in the enterprising and corporate world. He further urged Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa not ignored the call to switch leadership role from corporate to political. In a nut shell Sani Dangote believes the country needs him in whatever capacity he can find fitting to make himself available.

Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa is detribalised Nigerian. He’s at home in the North as much as he is in the South West, Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa whose love for; by his people only few persons can hope to earn in a life time. Though a lightweight when consideration is money politics.

His greatest asset is inspirational leadership proven over 3 decades of stewardship in corporate governance. The respect he has built for himself among Nigerians is enough social capital which can be translated into a funding system to have his presidential project executed.

In a bid to profile all possible Christians Aspirants and find the best among them that the Muslims can relate with as a Nationalist, Apostolic Round Table queried their political value and worth, by sending out questioneers to political opinion and religious leaders across Nigeria and the response from one of such from the ji, said it all; a former woman leader of a political party and minister of women affairs have this to say; “I know Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa very well.

“If South East is eventually allowed to present a Presidential candidate we will not be able to find a more qualified and suitable candidate than Mazi Sam. I am hundred percent for him. He is a great IGBO son who has never denied his people. We can’t deny him now”.

Before showing his interest, it appeared the greatest hurdle against a South East Presidency is the need for the region to agree on a candidate, this seems to have fizzled out in Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa; should we then say Mazi is coming?

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