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Why Is Governor Ben Ayade Not Calling Senator Owan Enoh To Order As Leader Of The Party To End The Feud?

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“We Must Not Rock The Boat IF We Have Faith In The Lord To Win, Otherwise, The PDP Will Play Cocoma On Our Heads.”

You can’t be calling the Lord and seeking His grace over your affairs, at the same time, acting man. That is hypocrisy. And the Lord is not a respecter of anyone.

By the way, what does Senator John Owan Enoh really want from all that he is seen dissipating energy on; by going to court as alleged with a man so endowed as Prince Otu, whose time has come and happens to have defeated him in open party primaries with such a wide margin adjudged to be the most friendly contest ever conducted in the state, rancor-free, now asking for annulment? Who, for Christ’s sake, is misleading “Able-John” to be this trivial, over a battle he is sure never bound to succeed?

*Does Owan ever think for a moment that even if they were asked to do a rerun of the same primary election in the state many times over, he will be nimble in performance enough to overturn the present result or come near Prince Bassey Otu in such a contest with the type of show now on display by him with similar ill motives akin to what he, Owan suffered previously in the hands of his rival, Pastor Usani Usani, in the same party and over the same issues years back, against which attracted condemnations of all right-thinking persons in his favor against what Usani did?

How for heaven’s sake could Owan lose sight of such a phenomenal, I’ll win that does anyone any good?

What does Owan Enoh want actually to have exposed himself, this far negatively, after doing so much for the party he deserves to be applauded as one of its pillars in the state?

I Happen to speak to Senator Owan Enoh on phone a few days ago where I demanded to know what drives his constant attacks on the victory of our candidate Prince Bassey Otu. And he retorted by demanding first from me why I wanted to know his reasons for doing what he does since I am not in his camp.

And I answered, by saying it is because we are all in the same party with one goal in mind, and besides, he is my friend, more of a junior brother and so is Senator Prince Otu who is both my friend and our candidate the party is putting forward for the election to become the next Governor of our state, the Lord willing.

That sounded good he said, and went ahead to respond to my inquiry by making references to the last two letters posted on social media where he spoke about certain unseen forces responsible for Prince Otu’s woes and that he has nothing personal with Senator Otu. He went further in explaining how much he has put to sustain the party during the period when the party had no Governor to oversee its affairs and was insisting that there was nowhere in the party Constitution that zoning is been mentioned.

He went further to opine that what he did by raising alarm over the clearance issue was aimed at safeguarding the party from being confronted with the very issues he is raising now, in the future, when it may be too late in the hours to do anything about it.

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But in a quick interjection, I interrupted him by affirming that the issue of Prince Otu’s certificate is not a dilemma of any sort whatsoever because he has all his certificates intact and had presented all of what was required of him by the panel and had even more advanced degree certificates he had acquired while overseas which he felt was not necessary to be tendered.

I allayed his fears over the legitimacy of Otu’s certificate he shouldn’t bother himself, about that at all. Otu is fine on that aspect, a hundred percent.

Hear him, Owan in his own words: “I suspended my Governorship campaign and urged my support base to support the aspiration of Senator Otu in good faith although the very next day, mischief-makers were on the prowl with write-ups tending to insinuate the the the other motives behind my move.

I got back into the race four hours before the primaries because the lingering doubts surrounding Senator Otu refused to abate. Specifically, my attention was called to his none clearance.”

He went further again to say: “My curiosity regarding our situation became even more heightened when I came face to face with the desperation by powerful forces within the party leadership working so hard to stop me from coming second at the primaries.

Those who played roles in this regard know how far they went. The question to ask is: Why was this so? Is there something the rest of us do not know?”

It was at that point I did ask him pointedly if he will be willing to meet and talk things over face to face with the party’s flagbearer where an opportunity would be given for both of them to examine closely who these third forces he mentioned are, or where they may be be coming from.

And he interjected by asking me why I am so concerned more than the persons involved in the matter? And I answered him in the affirmative, no doubt to say that I am an ardent supporter of Prince Otu from time and also act as his image-maker of sorts if you like.

After many arguments back and veneer for well over thirty minutes of dialogue on phone, we postponed the conversation and promised to continue later to enable him to reflect on some silent points I raised for evaluation.

And we agreed to talk again later, and I relaxed back to continue my writing engagements, convinced that at least we were making progress. Only for me to read on the Net the following day that the same person had gone to court over something which has no bases and does not at all warrant to be made a court case for any reason whatsoever, except there are more to it than meets the eye. And what should that be? Can anyone tell me?

Why I had refused to take Senator Owan Enoh to task on the various insinuations contained in the statements he had issued out variously was because they were all hammering on the faded issues concerning Prince Otu’s none clearance to contest the primaries which he insisted was never granted and was asking that he be declared the winner on the strength of that anomaly, other than that, he didn’t say anything involving the credibility or otherwise, of Prince Otu’s person, singular, the validity of his certificates nor did he ever dabbled on Otu’s integrity or suitability for the job, to warrant my joining issues with him or escalating the matter further than the point he had raised seriously as one who is aggrieved over an election he thought he would win.

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That is allowed as the usual aftermath of a contest on the part of those who lose. We should rather as concerned party men and women reserve all our arsenals to fight the opposition party during campaigns and not threw tantrums at ourselves at this moment in time.

I am too experienced to be engaged in mudslinging amongst our party members over the anger they express genuinely like in the case of Senator Owan Enoh, over their disappointment for haven’t lost in the primaries. Given a little time, such anger would evaporate especially when the person involved is persuaded to see reason beyond his feelings than exacerbate the issue.

Particularly so because we still need Senator John Owan Enoh just like we need Chief Chris Agara, both of whom are formidable personalities with the gregarious following, the type of determinism the party needs to exploit to win.

The two men challenged Prince Bassey Otu at the primaries. They’re expected to complement the strength of our candidate in the Central and Northern Senatorial District more effectively than anyone else judging from the enthusiasm they exerted during the party primaries. Anyone who thinks otherwise doesn’t wish Prince Otu nor the party well.

And since I had earlier suggested the pair of Prince Otu and John Owan as a joint ticket in my write-up long before now, I was very careful not to be the one to constitute a chasm to that noble suggestion.

We need all hands to be on deck especially those old members of the party who’ve kept the faith. And Senator Owan Enoh arguably is one of those the party must do everything to pacify, truth be told.

John’s presence would help neutralize the forces prevalent in the Central Senatorial District now that Pastor Usani has defected to PRP.

Anything contrary to that, I am afraid, is a failed approach and would give vent to the lingering issues bedeviling the party. And I seldom endorse such sycophantic drives filed with evil machinations by opportunists; the majority of those who have no stake whatsoever nor had they done anything of note in promoting the party other than their recent defection to join a party they felt had bearings such that creates opportunities to; for adventurers snick taking a chance.

I have been in and out of the game of politics for a long time. And in all the times, I had upheld sincerity and fairness. And this isn’t any different. I am fully abreast of the intricacies.

I don’t get excited about anything. Not until you win and retain power, everything you do would turn out to be useless. It’s not too easy to operate as an opposition party. Especially coming from the position of an incumbent.

It can be very tasking and frustrating. Especially for those of us who are not gifted with the smartness of the thief, where people engaged in untrustworthiness envelope in deceit and call that smartness.

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This was demonstrated during the recently concluded Presidential Primary where half of those whose names were eventually listed as National delegates from the state by the current Governor in place of the names of those of us who paid for the forms, including other fees as charged, and who fall in the category of those eligible by law to be nominated or elected as a delegatee of the various chapters to take part in the primaries at that level, only for these turn-coats, many of whom did not resign their appointment as stipulated by the new laws governing such exercises but where enlisted all the same as delegates, displayed what they’re made of at the venues of the Presidential primaries in Abuja.

It is said that half of those whom the Governor took with him to Abuja abandoned him midway through in preference for other Presidential candidates shamefully, all for pecuniary gains, after allegedly collecting fifteen thousand ($15,000) Dollars of ($5,000) each from three of those Presidential aspirants, in addition to the one thousand ($1,000) Dollars they received from their life long benefactor, whom they often praise to high heavens as the Lord’s sent, whom they vow not to do anything to hurt, being Prof. Ben Ayade. Hypocrites and parasites.

“You could see them take their turn. But when your night should turn to day, many of these people would run away”. Courtesy of Bob Marley.

Which was largely accountable for the decimal performance recorded in the contest by our state Governor who came next to the last contestant in terms of their scores and rating.

The majority of these of course were old members the Governor came with from the People’s Democratic Party, (PDP) to join us.

Isn’t that amazing and a pointer to what to expect during the forthcoming general elections? And could it not be a similar treatment or the very therapy they may wish to offer the Governor when he may have left office in a few months to come? Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine in the matter.

We must not fall for that gimmick. Those old members of the party who’ve kept their faith should be resilient and not give up on their faith. Imposition kills loyalty we know. But the answer is not to defect or to engage in anti-party activities.

We must all together back Prince Otu and persuade others to do likewise, to make sure he is voted in, massively. General elections are no party primaries.

It involves the general public who are voters to decide on which person or party to vote for. We should do everything to make ourselves the choice of the electorate and not the order way around.

Like I said in my last but one article that “Those who cannot shape in to accommodate others within the party, should shift out to where their nuisance and infertility would be accommodated. And stop making those who are fervent and devoted to the course of the party become beggars amid the plentifulness of what is there for the party to reward hard-working members.

Happy Democracy Day to everyone especially all our great party men and women of good faith. It is well!

“End Time Message!”


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