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Press Release: SR, Sun, VOA Topped The List Of Over 80 Top-rated Media That Freely Publicized Our Works In 2022 And 2023

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…Vanguard, Guardian, This Day, Aciafrica, Crux, Daily Post, Christian Post, NewsExpress, Newsband, Nigerian Voice followed

-Intersociety Thanks All

Onitsha, Eastern Nigeria, Monday, Jan 29, 2024

The International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law (Intersociety) is happy to announce that over 80 top-rated local and international media freely publicized its advocacy activities in 2022 and 2023; out of which Nigeria’s Sahara Reporters (SR) and Sun Newspaper topped the list in Nigeria while the Voice of America (VOA) and the international Catholic Church owned ‘Aciafrica’ and ‘Crux’ led international others. In other words, the above top-rated were found to have been very regular in publicizing our advocacy works in addition to being “top-rated and widely read”. The NewsExpress, the Newsband and the Nigerian Voice took the lead and credit for publishing over 90% of our advocacy works since the formation of Intersociety in July 2008. We are also grateful to the US-based Christian Post (CP); a respected international anti-Christian and Religious Persecution media for publicizing our works on massacre of Christians and other non Muslims in Nigeria by murderous state actors and non state actors since 2018.

Through Christian Post, too, we have successfully brought the plight of defenseless Nigerian Christians to the international attention, commentaries, analyses and condemnations. Clearly stated is the fact that the over 80 top-rated local and international media did not include thousands of others that culled from them including privately and publicly owned local and international radio stations during their main news bulletins or newspaper reviews or columnists and writers who variously quoted our reports in their newspaper or media columns and articles.

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Further discovered was the fact that our advocacy works made waves in the hands of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lawful social media activists including those that shared them on WhatsApp, X (Twitter), Facebook, Linked-In and other social media platforms. Not forgotten are universities and other higher institutions where our advocacy works have pricelessly aided many to become professors, doctorate, masters and first degree holders as well as local and international research institutions, policy making, diplomatic, legislative and intergovernmental, governmental and nongovernmental circles where our advocacy works have been copiously quoted or cited or adopted (fully or partly) as working documents. Intersociety is not unaware of the fact that our advocacy works are periodically, if not regularly quoted or cited in internationally respected places like the European Parliament, the UK Parliament, the United States Congress and the United States Government (.i.e. by then President Donald Trump and his Secretary of State, etc).

The most recent case in point was the letter written in mid January 2024 to US Secretary of State (Anthony Blinken) by 24 internationally respected persons and groups on massacre of Nigerian Christians by the Government-protected Islamic Jihadists in which our April 10, 2023 Report (52,250 Christians massacred in Nigeria since 2009) was prominently highlighted and copiously quoted. We are very much aware that some conscientious members of the UK Parliament led by respected Lord Patrick Alton of Liverpool, Caroline Anne Cox, Mason Sam (MP) and scores of others have consistently engaged the UK Government in the UK Parliament over its lukewarm attitude towards the coordinated and systematic violence against Christians and non Muslim others in Nigeria and this has been on for the past four years during which our reports were severally highlighted and copiously quoted or cited.

We Missed International Interview Requests From Fox News, VOA And Reforme (France)

We returned from Christmas and New Year break and noticed that we have missed at least three international interview requests from the Fox News, the Voice of America and the Reforme (a France-based Protestant Newspaper). Their reporters: Paul Tilsley (Fox News), Timothy Obiezu (VOA) and Augustine Passilly (Reforme) had respectively written to Intersociety on Dec 27, 2023, Jan 17, 2024 and Jan 9, 2024 and by the time we returned from the Christmas and New Year break and checked our emails, the time respectively fixed for the interviews had elapsed.

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The interview requests had bordered on our Special Report of April 10, 2023 (52,250 Christians hacked to death in Nigeria since 2009) which was prominently highlighted and quoted in a recent letter to the US Secretary of State by 24 internationally respected organizations and persons on coordinated and systematic massacre of Christians in Nigeria. We had since written to the three respected international journalists with an apology. They and the world will soon hear from us.

We Thank SR, Sun, VOA, Aciafrica, Crux, Others

Intersociety is generally thanking all the media that have directly or indirectly assisted us in the publication of our advocacy works-with our special thanks going to Sahara Reporters (SR), Voice of America (VOA), Christian Post (CP), Aciafrica, Crux and others that followed including Daily Post, Daily Independent, Business Day, Vanguard, This Day, Guardian, NewsExpress, Newsband, Nigerian Voice, African Examiner, Nigerian Pilot, West African Pilot, Njenje Media, Street Reporters, Punch, AIT, Arise, Daily Telegraph, Leadership, Voice of Naija, Nairaland, the Point, National Asset, Razor, the Sundiata, the Trent, the Truth Nigeria, the Nation, the Real News, etc.

Internationally, we are immensely thankful to the Voice of America, the Christian Post, the Catholic Herald, the Crux, the Aciafrica, the Jihad Watch, the Radio Biafra, the Vatican News, the Global Christian Relief, the International Christian Concern, National Catholic Reporter, La Croix International, the Tablet, Cisa News Africa, the Christian Broadcasting Network, Premier Christian News, Release International,, Anglican Ink, Hudson Institute, American Center for Law and Justice, the New York Post, the Washington Stand, Anglican Mainstream, Cnewsliveenglish, the Heritage Foundation, the Medium, the Catholic News, Christian Persecution International and News Desk Africa, the Epoch Times, the Aljazeera, etc.

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2023 Double Awards And More Work Expectations

The double awards bestowed on us in 2023 by the Correspondents Chapel of the Nigerian Union of Journalists, Enugu State Chapter and the Anambra State Branch of the Civil Liberties Organization (CLO) are clearly seen by us as an encouragement for more works.

While the Enugu NUJ Correspondents Chapel on Nov 17, 2023 bestowed on us “Award of Recognition for Contribution in Engendering Rule of Law and Human Rights in South-East, Nigeria”, the Anambra State Branch of the Civil Liberties Organization on Dec 10, 2023 bestowed on us an “Award of Excellence on Defense of Human Rights” in commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We are assuring all and sundry that it is “Aluta Continua, Victoria Acerta!!!

Calling For More Supports, Donation Of In-kind Expertise And Field Volunteers

Our special thanks goes to those that supported us by donation of ‘in-kind expertise’ or logistical supports or field volunteerism especially in the immediate and long years gone by. We must not fail to thank respected Chiefs John Gregg (American), Mbama, Ihesie, Ikoku, Umeozuluora, Ejiofor, Emeh, Chukwulota, Emeka; Bernhard Wanner (Swiss) and Prof Justin Akujieze and his leadership of Ekwenche Research Institute USA; among supportive others within and outside Nigeria other than international grant institutions. It must be clearly pointed out that Intersociety’s big success stories would not have been possibly told without their moral and logistical supports. We are also using medium to call for more independent and credible supports in furtherance of our coming advocacy activities particularly in the areas of technical (communication, research and investigative equipments and funded international fellowships or programs, trainings and conferences, etc) as well as moral and logistical supports. Experts and undergraduates from fields of law, criminology, security studies, peace and conflict resolution, medicine and surgery, political science, mass communications and history and international relations, etc are encouraged to join our volunteer corps for purpose of rendering non-salaried services to Humanity through the platform of Intersociety.

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