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Prince Charles Dickson PhD
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The Brotherhood of Nigeria and Amala Stories

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Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this play or any part thereof (including innuendos) will not result in civil liability and criminal prosecution. The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious and taken to heart at your own risk.

The scene is an Amala restaurant in the city centre of Lagos run by some very ebullient Hausa sisters. It is a melting point for a potpourri of scholars, creatives, and artisans, you meet everyone there, a miniature Nigeria.

Chris: How is it that those kidnapped children, over 100 of them had well measured clothes all sewed and ready for them.

Porta: Me, I don’t know, you know our country is one kind country like that, we are a brotherhood. But wait, is Nigeria she, or he, is it a nation, country, nation states or states of nation. Or are we a shim?

Chris: We are a federation of brotherhood (laughing).

Porta: I think he is a she. Or maybe she is he. Something like that. What do you think madam sisterhood? (Frowning and pointing to IDRisky).

IDRisky: All I know is that we have made some progress but with the killing of Nigerian soldiers in that community in Delta state. Our fatherland or motherland is in a bad light again. (Takes a sip of locally brewed gin called ogogoro).

Chris: Did you guys know that there is something called Jactitation of Marriage, like someone boasting that they’re married to you when they’re not? You can actually take them to court for it. This law enables individuals to protect their marital status and reputation from false assertions, safeguarding their legal rights and personal dignity.

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Porta: You too go school ooo but how can we jacinta the real issues in that Delta state story, what could have really happened in Delta to warrant the kind of killings, i hear the organs of the personnel were ripped out. Like those kidnapped and released school children, did the government pay ransom or not, our security agencies will tell us they were rescued, victims families will say they paid. Who is Jacinta for this matter?

Chris: It is actually like the Promise-and-Fail Marriage Law, the law permits individuals to pursue legal action against former partners for breach of promise to marry. In my mind, we are not accountable to both leaders and the led, no one wants to take responsibility.

Everything is simple but in reality it is complex, for example, you can get married when you are a day old in Nigeria and it’s legal. The constitution provides that the age for marriage is 18(adult) and also provides in a different section that once you marry, you are an adult (18). (shaking his head).

Porta: You are confusing me, you wan marry again, or you don promise and fail somebody, this one you are shaking your head.

(Everyone laughs)

Porta: The real problem of Nigeria is the lack of brotherhood, we are not one, we debate with Ghana on who has better jollof rice but here at home we can’t agree on the most common issues.

IDRisky: So wetin happen to sisterhood, our problem na lack of the rule of law, and good governance, everybody just dey behave any how. Dem go thief DPO phone inside police station, ministry of power go owe power distribution company money.

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Porta: Like one man wey win woman beauty contest abi…wahala be like bicycle.

(Everybody is laughing scornfully, even as Rukaiya and Phaty enters carrying containers of palmwine).

Chris: Una welcome, right timing, is the Amala ready, Hajia Phaty?

Phaty: Almost ready, Uncle Chris, how you dey sisterhood and Porta? (She intentionally shakes her behind as she walks towards the kitchen).

(Everyone screams Akpu Yansh).

Rukaiya: Make I bring out the plates, I salute everybody.

(Everyone choruses responses amidst giggles and laughs).

Porta: I still ask again, how can Nigeria attain brotherhood, we are just investigating people’s sources of wealth but not looking at the root of poverty?

IDRisky: You can so turn things upside down and downside up, this our country how can we be one.

Chris: See the need for brotherhood and togetherness in Nigeria is paramount for several reasons, make I break am down:

Unity and Stability: Nigeria is a diverse country with over 250 ethnic groups and multiple religions. Embracing brotherhood fosters unity among these diverse groups, promoting stability and peace within the nation.

Strength in Diversity: Embracing togetherness allows Nigeria to leverage its diversity as a strength rather than a source of division. By celebrating cultural differences and respecting each other’s traditions, Nigeria can harness the collective talents and contributions of all its citizens.

National Development: A united Nigeria is better positioned to tackle common challenges and pursue national development goals. Brotherhood fosters cooperation and collaboration among individuals, communities, and regions, leading to collective progress and prosperity.

Social Cohesion: Building strong bonds of brotherhood fosters social cohesion and mutual trust among Nigerians. This can help reduce ethnic and religious tensions, promote understanding, and foster a sense of belonging for all citizens.

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Peace and Reconciliation: In a country with a history of ethnic and religious conflicts, promoting brotherhood and togetherness is essential for fostering reconciliation and healing past wounds. It enables dialogue, forgiveness, and the building of bridges across divides.

Resilience in Adversity: When faced with challenges such as economic downturns, natural disasters, or security threats, a united Nigeria can better withstand adversity and emerge stronger. Solidarity and support from fellow citizens can provide comfort and strength during difficult times.

International Standing: A cohesive and harmonious Nigeria enhances its reputation on the global stage, attracting investment, fostering diplomatic relations, and promoting cultural exchange.

Promoting brotherhood and togetherness requires collective effort from all sectors of society, including government, civil society, religious leaders, and ordinary citizens. It involves fostering dialogue, promoting inclusivity, addressing grievances, and building a shared vision for a peaceful and prosperous Nigeria.

(Everyone is sober, in a reflective mood)

Phaty: This food don cold oooo, can we start eating, Amala is no good if it is cold…

Porta: Hmmmmmmm, it is a sad something, I wish our leaders will listen and do something.

Rukaiya: Abeg what happen to that woman minister that was recently removed, I also hear that the opposition refused to greet the president on the occasion of his birthday.

IDRisky: Even I dey think about the opposition party that could not properly organize their party convention? Oya make we close eyes pray for the food.

Porta: How e take concern you? God no go shame us—”May Nigeria win!

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Prince Charles Dickson PhD is the Team Lead The Tattaaunawa Roundtable Initiative (TRICentre). Email: Skype ID: princecharlesdickson

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