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CNPP Urges Nigerian Workers to Demand Their Deserved National Living Wage Amid Economic Challenges

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The Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP) has said that it stands resolute in its commitment to championing the rights and welfare of Nigerian workers and the oppressed citizens irrespective of political view or other affiliations.

In a statement signed by its Deputy National Publicity Secretary, Comrade James Ezema, the umbrella body of all registered political parties and political associations in the country noted that “in light of the prevailing economic situation, we firmly insist that our hardworking citizens deserve a national living wage that reflects their contributions to the nation’s growth and the realities of our time.

Giving reason for a national living wage, the CNPP said, “Nigeria faces significant economic challenges, including inflation, rising costs of living, and the removal of petrol subsidies. These factors disproportionately affect workers who struggle to make ends meet.

“We believe in the resilience and dedication of Nigerian workers and, as the backbone of our nation, their well-being directly impacts our collective progress.

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“A national living wage ensures that workers can afford basic necessities, support their families, and contribute effectively to the economy. A poorly paid worker in view of the high cost of living in the country will most likely be a corrupt civil servant or employee”.

The CNPP called on both parties in the ongoing negotiations to expedite action to reach a position quickly, saying “We urge the Federal Government of Nigeria and the labour unions to expedite negotiations on a new minimum wage threshold. Empty promises won’t suffice; concrete actions are needed to avoid another circle of industrial action over unpaid salaries and pensions.

“We urge Nigerian workers to unite in their demands, trust in your collective strength, not just in the unions, to be architects of their destiny.

“While we recognize the economic challenges, we implore both parties to seek a middle ground that would be just and fair.”

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Speaking on strategic reforms in reducing the cost of governance in Nigeria, the CNPP observed that “Cost of governance is a very pressing issue in Nigeria that requires urgent strategic reforms.

“The Federal and state governments should not suffocate the civil service by denying it fair wage but continue increase the pay and remunerations of federal/state executives as well as that of the National and Assemblies.

To reduce the cost of governance and save money for the salaries of Nigeria workers, the executives at all levels prioritise development-oriented policies and investments. This ensures that government spending directly contributes to growth and well-being.

“They should implement performance-linked wages to motivate public servants and limit the number of advisers and assistants to political office holders as well as reduce the size of cabinets at both federal and state levels.

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“To eliminate low-priority expenditure, the executives should conduct rigorous cost-benefit analyses for all projects, reject bills seeking to create new government agencies unless they are essential and promote digital technology like the use e-accounting and e-auditing systems to prevent unauthorised spending and leverage technology for efficient public service delivery.

“Ministries, Departments, and Agencies should be streamlined to eliminate duplications and redundancies, reduce bureaucracy by merging or reorganizing MDAs for more productivity.

“By implementing these measures, Nigeria can strike a balance between effective governance and prudent spending.

“The CNPP emphasises that Nigerian workers are not mere statistics; they are the heartbeat of our nation. Let us ensure they receive a living wage that reflects their worth.

“CNPP remains committed to advocating for a fairer, more prosperous Nigeria for the good of the masses. Together, we can build a nation where every worker thrives”, the CNPP stated.

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