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Obi’s Resignation: A Fight Against Delegated Corruption On Behalf of Nigerians

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Just about two weeks ago I wrote an article titled; “Nigeria: A Nation At The Mercy Of Political Party Delegates” Where I established that the two leading political parties in Nigeria; APC and PDP as institutions cannot deliver the hope and yearnings of the Nigerian electorate for a new Nigeria. That the system is constructed against the evolution of productive leadership.

PDP, we were informed by APC in the build up to 2015 elections, that they spread corruption. Unfortunately, we have witnessed first hand the ground gaining of corruption and the consolidation of non state actors’ hold on the jugular of our nation like never before!

I made definite assertions and offered some pieces of advice, some of which are; “If I were a delegate of APC, I won’t shift support away from Osinbajo for a 100 million delegates’ package from any Aspirant. His only challenge, will be how to triumph through the lies and propaganda that his party has become in public perspective, going forward to general elections…

I went on to say: “to the delegates in PDP, it is quite unbelievable that any sane mind will be confused at making a choice for their party.” Nigeria’s public system is a destroyer of merit and an enabler of corruption!

Worse in this system, are Customs Service and others like it, where slush has damaged the values of officers in the system. It is therefore incomprehensible that a debate will even take place at deciding who will be a better President between Obi, who as governor of Anambra, made an investment on behalf of his state from which the state is still earning income and Atiku, who as Vice President, supervised the sales of Aluminum Smelting Company, an investment of 2.5 billion dollars for 250 million dollars!…

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While we are still hoping that APC delegates will in the understanding of the time we are in give the ticket to the likes of Osinbajo, Bakare, against those who are prepared to buy Nigeria to rule her, Obi has finally interpreted the body language of delegates in PDP and has taken a bow from the party.

With the allegation of change of delegates’ list from Anambra state, it will be ridiculous for him to have stayed to contest against a principal he gave the respect of not visiting his state, Adamawa, during his consultations with delegates across the country! To know that such individuals lack decorum and will result to political brigandage in Obi’s state and he still continues in the race would have been a betrayal of that thing for which he is being celebrated, intelligence!

I further affirmed that: “the exigencies of time has taken this contest away from the likes of Bola Ahmed Tinubu and his compatriot, Atiku Abubakar, the work to be done needs a younger, intelligent and competent personality with strength of character for leadership”!

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If party delegates are lost to this reality, Nigerians are not! At no time in our political history has the awareness to break from the political culture of cash and carry been this overwhelming!

Osinbajo will have a huge political marketing to do in case he wins the primary. He is no doubt the best in the race for APC, but a good product may find it difficult to be sold from a shop noted for fake products; I said.

Obi has been fantastic thus far, he has sold himself very well keeping to issues.

Our appeal is to the delegates of the devil and the deep blue sea to give us the best of their demons. As the saying goes, a known Devil is better than an unknown Angel!

The truth is, any disappointment in this regard may see the emergence of a new party in power. That new party will be the one presently positioned to harvest the fruit of a mismanaged APC and PDP primaries which seems inevitable!

May I plead with all party delegates to make the best aspirant their candidate, so that at the general election, the choice will be made from among their bests, I finally submitted.

Obi, like Osinbajo is a good product on a bad shelf. This move is sacrosanct, to give a good product a deserving shelf life and value. It is left to Osinbajo to stay with APC or take his value to a corresponding shelf!

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Obi, in his resignation letter addressed to PDP National Chairman, left no one in doubt of his intention to still contest 2023 elections on the terms and conditions he had championed during his political consultations when he stated; “our national challenges are deep-seated and require that we each make profound sacrifices towards rescuing our country. My commitment to rescuing Nigeria remains firm, even if the route differs.

Obi’s exit from PDP was a thought through, legendary step, APC’s boat will no doubt be rocked by the high-handedness of the cabal and their proxy in power and the fallout of that will obviously be harvest in the alliance Obi will be building in the next few days. A day advantage in politics can equal years of efforts if strategically utilized! One thing this season will be remembered for is that when the 3rd force was a mirage, Obi made it a miracle. Win or lose, our political architecture is finally re-designed. May I join all true nation builders to wish Peter Obi well going forward to 2023.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi is the President, Project Victory Call Initiative, (A.K.A PVC Naija).

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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