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PDP, APC War in Christian Association of Nigeria: Daniels, the Peacemakers to the Rescue!

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CAN was established to serve the political interest of all professing Christians in Nigeria, love CAN or hate CAN, it’s your first political constituency before your political party. We have seen actions of individual members that are damaging the image of the body. Is anything wrong with CAN? No! Rather, CAN like the great nation Nigeria is at the mercy of her members. Until individuals rocking the boat of CAN are thrown into the sea of life like Jonah to SEE WHAT GOD WILL DO WITH THEM, we all may as well perish in the present raging political storm in our country for our inactions.

CAN is horizontal to your purpose in politics as a Christian, foundation upon which your vertical aspiration should be built. And if the foundation be destroyed, as the scripture says, what shall the righteous do.

Daniel Kadzai in Birili local government.
Daniel Kadzai in Birili local government.

There is a Daniel not to be envied, though an Archbishop and new President of CAN, he obviously need us all to succeed. He mustn’t inherit bag and baggage of past administration. But let me start this series with my 1st Daniel in CAN.

It wasn’t an intentional decision to be part of the new world order, I just found myself in the reality of today’s dynamics!

Online Communities was a creation that came with WhatsApp and I found myself on quite a number of them. one of such was Dara Discourse. Of course, I initially found it difficult coping with the pace required to read through very many interesting and intelligent submissions that were dropping on the platform, eventually consoled by a song: “Boys and girls of Victory school, do your best and leave the rest.” A song at Victory School, Oke Ado, Ibadan being one of the many primary schools I attended!

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It was on ‘Dara Discourse’ Platform that I met very many eminent personalities. I was attracted to Daniel Kadzai who was the then National President, Youth Wing of the Christian Association of Nigeria, (YOWICAN). I invited him to our 2nd Intercession for the nation hosted by Pastor Olaitan Aromolaran of Joy Cometh Ministries in Ikorodu, Lagos State: and he honoured the invitation!

He is one man I have come to love his striving for peace in the body of Christ and even among other religious groups. One of the firsts among the few who called me to let go of Femi Fani Kayode when I debut with, “FFK: the spy who fooled us all”. The series ended in part 3. The rest are unpublished!

He was ever proactive, how I wish we have one like him manning YOWICAN at this moment when the allegiance due to God is completely been misinterpreted in the desperation of the youth to make a change. “If you are willing and OBEDIENT you will eat the good of the land”! Is the slogan of the youths and anyone out of their movement is disobedient. The question is obedient to or disobedient to who? This narrative is the confrontation of YOWICAN at this material time, but I can’t find them.

If the name Daniel is synonymous with den, this Daniel has seen and fought some beasts in the den of church politics! His late father David K Kadzai, a Pastor and celebrated teacher must have prayed before naming his first son Daniel.

His political experiences in CAN must have made out of him a peacemaker, after the battle that exited the then active outstanding National President of YOWICAN! Whatever the details of his issues with CAN? Daniel was just a call away, that is one thing missing.

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He became the Chairman, Congress of Northern Nigeria Christians – CNNC (He won the CNNC office in absentia with 153 votes, while the other person present got 3 votes). As an Ambassador of God’s Peace, he put together a conflict resolution project which my company ‘Masterbuilder Communications’ consulted for. We successfully appealed to Jukun and Tiv to cease fire at Inter Ethnic Peace Summit, July 2019!

At the event, 86 Ethnic group leaders were present. Facilitators included Solomon Arase, former Inspector General of Police, Late Dr. Obadiah Mailafia, former Deputy Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria CBN. The event had Ambassador Stephen Bangoji who, as the Vice President of CNNC represented Prof. Adamu Baikie the 1st Professor of Education from Northern Nigeria, then President, CNNC, Gen. Sylvester Audu, former Commander 14 Infantry Brigade, Ohafia, AVM Andy Giwa Tsakr, Hon. Sarah Ochekpe, former Minister of Water Resources, His Excellency David Sabo Kente. The conference has paid off today as there is peace between Tiv and Jukun at the border of Benue and Taraba!

When Tangale in Birili local government of Gombe State erupted in dispute over candidate to it royal throne. My pen was lifted for war like a gun aiming at a target, Daniels hand came upon the “butt” of my pen and held the nozzle of the fountain of ink through his call and saved it from firing. Southern Christian may never be able to know the fate of Northern Christian except they have the opportunity to live here was his conclusion.

Daniel Kadzai, flanks by Leah Sharibu's parents
Daniel Kadzai, flanks by Leah Sharibu’s parents

Daniel is at it again moving to have the conflict of interest raging in CAN resolved amicably!

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Two opposing political leaders are at each other’s jugular. Dami, a bishop of the Catholic church and a PDP sympathizer had called out Rev. Yakubu Pam, the Executive Secretary of Nigeria Christian Pilgrims Commission, a bonafide leader of APC whose name was mentioned by one of the many hired bishops during Shettima’s unveiling as Tinubu’s running mate!

Dami wants EFCC to investigate Pam’s alleged corruption at his beat, the Nigeria Christians Pilgrims Board, NCPB, which in Dami’s opinion stinks to the highest heaven to the end that the heavenly host are no longer comfortable. Pam has responded by breaking the white washed sepulchre of Dami’s priesthood and digging up old rotten bones of sins that stink.

This mess of allegations and counter allegations is having the time and energy of Daniel Kadzai. For it Daniel Okoh is very concerned. How Daniel Kadzai hopes to succeed at this without Daniel Okoh is what I can’t see.

Politicians are known for war when election is at stake and Dami and Pam are both politicians whose loyalties are first to their political parties.
What Daniel and Daniel can achieve on this remains the doings of the Lord and it shall be marvellous in our sight. While the Daniels are committed to the peace process, I have resolved to serve all the mess available to me on this saga to help humble the contending parties for we can’t continue the way we are and expect the country to change. Citizens are shapened by the church and countries consequently are a reflection of their churches. If judgement as the scripture says will start from the house of God. Then Christians must ask Dami and Pam, what aileth thee!

Watch out for Part Two.

Dr Bolaji O. Akinyemi, an Apostle, with focus on revival and revolution, the BID as he is fondly called is also a strategic communicator and on Facebook as: Bolaji Akinyemi. Email: Email:

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